Who Should Be Walking to a Shrink? Good Wife Reunion Great? Miss Tim Russert? And More Qs

Fringe Season 5We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Fringe, Good Wife, Dexter, Walking Dead, Gossip Girl, Arrow and Glee.

1 | Will part of Fringe‘s legacy be its resolve to forever find ways to keep Peter and Olivia emotionally distant from one another?

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2 | Did Grimm (squ)intern Michael Grant Terry’s arc have to come to an end so soon? Couldn’t the show have woven Ryan’s true nature into the rest of the season rather than limiting the reveal to a standalone hour?

3 | Wasn’t it nice to see a little parity among the cast members on this week’s Saturday Night Live, with newcomers and vets alike all getting some solid moments, instead of the juicy bits only going to a handful of players? That said, has SNL set a date for when they plan to sort out the audio issues? Louis C.K.’s monologue with the hand-held mic was just this side of audible.

4 | Why did The Good Wife dangle in front of Alicia (and us) a super-cool gal pal in Maura Tierney, only to promptly turn Maddie into an agenda-driven adversary? But at least we got to see recovering BFFs Alicia and Kalinda rekindle their after-work drink tradition!

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| How was Once Upon a Time‘s August able to send out the postcard to Neal if, once the curse was lifted, he was in a mostly petrified state? Magic? Oh, wait.

| Has Revenge cemented Conrad and Victoria’s status as TV’s most entertaining couple of the moment? On that note, why doesn’t Henry Czerny get more kudos for his portrayal of the malevolent patriarch? Also: Is Kara’s weirdness attributable to the fact that she’s off her meds or that she’s keeping a huge secret… or some combination of the two?

7 | Should The Walking Dead‘s dwindling band of survivors be seeking out a good child psychologist for li’l Carl? And when Lori’s baby didn’t come into the world kicking and screaming, did you have a fear-filled moment that the child was a stillborn and its mama’s sacrifice was for naught?

8 | Anyone else having trouble believing that Dexter came as close to killing Hannah as he did? And seriously: How does Harry not give his son a hive-five upon learning he scored a date with the likes of Yvonne Strahovski? Be proud of your boy!

9 | Where do we sign the petition to bring Colin Ford back to Revolution and the band of misfit orphan children?

10 | When will Gossip Girl get it, that unlike Chuck and Blair we don’t care about Bart’s secret?

11 | Did you find yourself missing NBC’s late election guru Tim Russert on Tuesday night?

12 | Really, General Hospital? *69? Is that even a thing these days?

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13 | So, not only have Dean and Cas spent time in Purgatory, but so did Arrow‘s Oliver?! And is there a quip to be made about Ollie’s isle being Purgatory while Dr. Jack Shepard’s wasn’t? One more: How nearby was Detective Lance that he busted in what could only have been moments after Well-Dressed Man’s hitman broke Oliver’s ankle monitor?

14 | Have Supernatural‘s Amelia/Sam flashbacks — the one weak spot in an otherwise strong season — made you better appreciate Ruby (1.0 and 2.0), Lisa, Jo and Bela? And is Jess rolling over in her grave somewhere?

15 | Can Nashville‘s Rayna and Juliette go on tour already?

16 | American Horror Story: Asylum‘s Chloe Sevigny wasn’t kidding when she said Shelley’s fate would get worse, was she? (Psst, can we tell you something? Next week? Even worse!) And did you know that was James Cromwell’s son John playing Hans Gruper in Anne Frank’s flashbacks? Lastly, didn’t the fact that both Sarah Paulson and Zachary Quinto are gay in real life make the aversion therapy sequence that much more disturbing to watch?

17 | Is Christina Aguilera simply not interested in making it to the finale of The Voice this season? Why else would she choose to save not-particularly-exciting Adriana Louise over the far more unique/unpredictable De’Borah? And while we’re kvetching, can someone please remind the director that when doing a wide shot of the massive stage, it’s not a good idea to pan out so far that finding the singer in question becomes a game of Where’s Waldo?

18 | On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you grade Grey’s Anatomy‘s depiction of a Minnesota snowstorm? Meanwhile, should we be concerned that Meredith was willing to pawn Zola off on interns she barely knew?

19 | Didn’t Glee‘s Tina and Mike warrant a bit more screen time this week, considering it was the first they had seen or spoken to one another since their split?

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20 | Can it be next week’s The Vampire Diaries already? Even if she is just a hallucination… Katherine!

21 | Isn’t it interesting that the highest vote getters on The X Factor were the ones who had the least aggressive stage production? Could it be that until these contestants actually become breakout stars, we’d rather focus on their singing than on the 147 backup dancers and planetarium-esque light shows?

22 | Should anyone who didn’t see Scandal‘s rape case twists coming turn in their remote controls? And just how scared should Abby be right about now? Girlfriend’s gonna get handled.

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!