American Horror Story's Evan Peters: The Only Thing That Can Save Kit Now Is [Spoiler]

American Horror Story, Evan PetersAfter playing a rather vile (if slightly romantic) lad during the inaugural run of FX’s American Horror Story (airing Wednesdays at 10/9c), Evan Peters is finding comfort in switching things up to portray the hero of the piece, as a resident of Season 2’s asylum.

“He’s not a psychopath, so that’s different,” Peters notes with a chuckle, echoing series cocreator Ryan Murphy’s resolve to give returning players new mindsets to inhabit. “He’s a good guy, and not the villain.”

Most unfortunately for Kit, though he has testified that a band of extraterrestrials are responsible for the death of his wife Alma and the decapitation and head-to-toe skinning of other women, he thus far is presumed to be a serial slaughterer dubbed “Bloody Face.” And proving this particular negative will form much of the character’s journey.

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This week alone, he has a perhaps pivotal consult with Zachary Quinto’s Dr. Thredson, who reminds us of Kit’s dire dilemma: Be found sane and be put to death, or “stay” crazy and keep residence in a loony bin lorded over by the distinctly domineering likes of Sister Jude and Dr. Arden.

Coming out of that session with the shrink, Kit has a heartbreaking meeting with Sister Jude. “He’s trying to find redemption,” Peters says of the intense exchange. “If he did these things, he doesn’t want to go to hell for it. So he tries to seek forgiveness from none other than a nun.”

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As Kit navigates this seemingly impossible odyssey, he has found two kindred spirits. First, there’s Lana (played by Sarah Paulson), the newspaper reporter who was committed against her will when she was caught poking her nose where it shouldn’t be. Although “she did screw Kit over,” Peters notes, alluding to how Lana foiled his first escape attempt, “She was just looking out for the general public. And we’re both sane people stuck in an insane asylum, so we have the same goals.”

Kit’s connection with Grace (Lizzie Brochere), meanwhile, goes much deeper and this week is taken to a new level. “He’s kind of losing his mind a bit — everybody’s telling him he’s crazy and he’s starting to believe it, which is pretty sad — so he reaches out to Grace and she’s there for him,” Peters previews. “It’s a cool moment that I can’t wait to see on screen.” Of his new scene partner, a newbie to the Horror Story franchise, Peters raves, “Lizzie is awesome. You find out that Grace has done some things, but you still root for her because Lizzie is so sweet and vulnerable in her scenes.”

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Kit, though, is the one the audience should definitely be rooting for to escape this nightmare scenario — though only a truly out-of-this-world bit of evidence could possibly vindicate him. Meaning, it’s up to the aliens to show their scaly faces and deliver irrefutable proof of his innocence. “If they don’t, he’ll be condemned. And if they do, redemption,” Peters surmises.

Then again, Sister Jude caught a millisecond glimpse of one ET just last week, during the storm/her bender — yet she makes no mention of it anytime soon. That, Peters says, raises the question of “whether the aliens are figments of the characters’ imaginations when they get to a certain point of confusion in their lives and their minds snap. Or are they real, and they [show up] at these incredibly stressful moments?”

And for that answer, he teases, “You’ll just have to keep watching!”

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