Exclusive Grey's Anatomy Video: Meredith Explodes as the Ghost of Lexie Looms Large

Ellen Pompeo Grey's Anatomy Season 9This week’s Grey’s Anatomy sends Meredith on a collision course with the oft-overlooked sixth stage of grief: melting down in public.

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As TVLine first scooped back in September, Thursday’s change-of-pace hour (9/8c, ABC) splits its focus between Meredith at Seattle Grace and Cristina at the Mayo Clinic.

The Mer-centric portion of the episode finds Ellen Pompeo’s emotionally fragile MD tasked with saving a super-critical patient — an ordeal that forces her to finally confront her sister Lexie’s tragic death.

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Press PLAY below and watch the chaotic first minutes of the inciting incident, which, coincidentally, are not dissimilar to the chaotic first minutes of the fateful plane crash that claimed Lexie’s life.

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