Louis C.K. Hosts Saturday Night Live: Watch Our Picks for Best and Worst Sketches

louis ck snlThe middle portion of this week’s Saturday Night Live may have dragged like a Neanderthal’s knuckle, but thanks to a one-two punch of hilarity to kick things off, plus an absurdly perfect final sketch, host Louis C.K. should enter Sunday morning with his head held high. Heck, even the comic’s worst moments on the episode eschewed chichéd setups in favor of weirder, more experimental stabs at humor.

Without further ado, here are my picks for the week’s best and worst sketches:

Best: Opening Monologue
If anyone can think of a funnier bit of standup by an SNL host in the last five years, please leave your nominations in the comments section. As for me, I’m at a loss to remember laughing harder at anything in recent SNL history than I did during Louis’s story of coming to the aid of an elderly woman who’d fallen at the airport. From the bit about acquiring knowledge of “lingerie in the ’20s” to his speculation that she’d already been a refugee on eight separate occasions, I could barely catch my breath between guffaws.

Best: Last Call at Donnellys
Louis’ makeout session with Kate McKinnon in this sketch about a drunken couple looking for love was grotesque, brave, outlandish, and so so funny. I particularly enjoyed McKinnon’s abandon delivering zingers like, “Red Rover, Red Rover…send that mouth right over,” as well as “I don’t care what he looks like; I have massive needs.” Tell me I’m not the only one whose tongue hid behind his uvula as Louis and McKinnon went at it.

Best: Mayor Bloomberg Press Conference
Newcomer Cecily Strong has a major breakout moment as NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s jazzy sign-language interpreter, and Nasim Pedrad was equally strong in the corresponding role of NJ Gov. Chris Christie’s administration. By the time Fred Armisen’s Bloomberg got to the Spanish-language portion of his speech — asking for patience with regard to white people who’d missed this week’s Homeland because of the Hurricane Sandy-related power outages — this one had become an SNL classic.

Worst: Waiting for Zog
Zog wasn’t the only link missing from this piece about Louis’ ye-olde-times messenger dude attempting to summon a local man for a Godly delivery. The punch lines were pretty much nonexistent, too. At least it was something different, I guess?

What did you think of this week’s SNL? How would you rate Louis C.K. as host? Sound off in the comments!