Exclusive Office Video: John Krasinski Looks Back on a Painfully Memorable Jim/Dwight Prank

The Office Season 9 SpoilersIf there’s one thing The Office has consistently delivered on over the years, it’s engineering absurd and funny — and absurdly funny — pranks between Jim and Dwight. Now, as the long-running NBC comedy approaches the finish line, John Krasinski is reminiscing about one such shenanigan that he says “made Rainn [Wilson] the happiest.”

In the following exclusive behind-the-scenes video, Krasinski recalls the moment the doofy beet farmer struck back hardest against his frenemy — using a backpack of actual snowballs. “[Rainn] is not very good at stunts,” the actor notes of the icy attack. “He understands what the stunt should be, and then just goes full-tilt and throws real, hard ice balls at your face.”

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Press PLAY below to hear more about the memorable Season 7 installment, and then hit the comments with your favorite Schrute/Halpert pranks! And for the uninitiated: The Office‘s final season is currently airing Thursdays at 9/8c.