Exclusive Mob Doctor Video: Is Zach Gilford's Doc About to Have His Patient Poached?

The Mob Doctor returns to Fox on Monday at 9/8c, and we’ve got an exclusive sneak peek at Zach Gilford’s Dr. Brett Robinson trying to hang on to his patient as Dr. Olivia Wilcox (Jaime Lee Kirchner) swoops in for the diagnostic steal.

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While Grace (Jordana Spiro) is dealing with a heart transplant and a request from Constantine (William Forsythe) that she kill her patient’s estranged dad — no big deal — Brett talks shop with Olivia. Their conversation quickly reveals that she’s very familiar with the ailments of his charge.

“How do you know my patient’s history?” he asks suspiciously before accusing her of “case fishing” to impress the chief.

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