Glee Mystery: Who's Heading for a Wedding?

Glee creator Ryan Murphy has given fans food for thought — “Chicken, fish or vegetarian?” — as they head into the weekend, sharing a most curious wedding-themed photo.

“The Wedding Of The Year” Murphy teased, posting to Twitter this photo of Brittany and Sam in undeniably matrimonial garb. But are the young’uns, who admittedly have bonded some this season, the ones trading vows?

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Murphy recently hinted to The Hollywood Reporter that he has a Valentine’s Day wedding on tap for his Fox musical-dramedy, though the timing of this photo lands the scene most likely in the show’s Christmas episode.

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This is where you come in, offering your best guesses as to what’s going on in this scene, and involving exactly whom. Also: How amaaaaaazing does Ms. Heather Morris look?

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