Exclusive Chicago Fire Sneak Peek: Casey (Very Loudly) Tells Voight to 'Back Off!'

Chicago Fire hero Lt. Matthew Casey (played by Jesse Spencer) will continue to be harassed by Detective Voight (guest star Jason Beghe), but as you can see in the following exclusive video from next Wednesday’s episode of the freshman NBC drama, he’s not taking it lying down. Heck, he’s so angry, he’s not even using his indoor voice.

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The firefighter marches right into Voight’s workplace and tells him very loudly in front of his fellow officers that he should back off. He’s not threatened by the detective — and as far as he can see, nobody else should be, either.

“You all afraid of this guy?! Someone tell me why!” Casey yells in the middle of the office.

Watch the sneak peek below and then hit the comments with your thoughts about how the very public display of aggression will play out for Casey.