Exclusive First Look: Star Wars Meets Disney Channel as A.N.T. Farm Visits Skywalker Ranch

Star Wars on Disney's ANT FarmHmm. Begin, it does….

Admittedly taped a long-ish time ago in a galaxy not far away — that is, before it was announced that Disney would buy Lucasfilm Ltd. (and in turn plot a new Star Wars trilogy) — this Friday’s episode of Disney Channel’s A.N.T. Farm features a visit from the space saga’s famous droids.

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Setting the stage for the out-of-this-world cameo, airing Friday at 8/7c: When the principal of the A.N.T (Advanced Natural Talents) program sends his gifted students on an educational scavenger hunt around San Francisco, teams led by Chyna and Lexi find themselves at the Skywalker Ranch to secure filmmaker George Lucas’ autograph. But to get the signature they’re looking for, they must first get past Artoo and Threepio (who busts out some urban slang here to greet the tweens).

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Press PLAY below, then tell us: Is this the shape of things to come? Are you thinking: “At least it wasn’t Jar-Jar”?

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