Exclusive Video: Bones Bosses Preview Season 8's Most Gruesome Kill

Bones Season 8Warning: The following video is rated “TV: MB” for mmmm brains.

No, it’s not a sneak peek at next week’s episode of The Walking Dead. Rather, it’s the latest installment of “Breakfast with Bones” with exec producers Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan. In this week’s webisode, the bloodthirsty pair tease Season 8’s grisliest murder — and yes, the central nervous system plays a starring role.

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“It’s really hard [over the course of] 150 episodes to kill people in different ways,” admits Nathan, before proudly teasing this year’s grisliest sight gag. “I’m thinking brains coming out of ** *** ******.”

Press PLAY below for assistance filling in those blanks, but a quick heads-up: It’s disgusting, so best to watch on an empty stomach.


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