What to Watch: 5 Web Series Worth Checking Out

Gillian Jacobs Danny PudiA dancin’, advice-spewing Kid President serves as a timely antidote to the current negative political climate, the adorkable Book Club crew concludes their first season with a Karate Kid-inspired episode, and Ira Glass (This American Life) has a hidden talent that combines balloon art and haircuts.

Ask a Grown Man | There are few things more enjoyable than watching (and listening to) Glass teach a group of young girls how to create a Snoopy balloon while dispensing advice about haircuts.

Kid President | Mr. Prez exuberantly offers a simple tip on how to improve the world: Treat everyone like it’s their birthday. He’s got our vote! This week’s episode features a cameo by Rainn Wilson (The Office).

The Book Club | The sixth and final episode of the delightfully goofy series features an appearance by Community‘s Gillian Jacobs as the leader of the all-girl book club known as Cobra Chai. Come for the Karate Kid references, stay for the original, montage-worthy song that will make you want to hug Elisabeth Shue like you just beat Billy Zabka in a karate tournament.

Print Models | BFFs Winona (Marianne Sierk) and Caroline (Heather Thomson) have relocated to Tinseltown to find fame and fortune in the world of… print modeling. We all know that modeling is “hard,” but these hot messes make it look downright impossible.

Sunday Dinner With… | If you were on the fence about Fran “That Voice!” Drescher, the latest episode of this super-fun home invasion series will likely make you a believer. The star of TV Land’s Happily Divorced has been friends with the same people for 30 years, is unapologetically boy crazy, maintains a healthy professional and personal relationship with her ex-husband, Happily Divorced co-creator Peter Marc Jacobson, and runs a website called Cancer Schmancer that focuses on prevention and early detection. What’s not to love?

What are your faves? Comment away below, and feel free to offer your own recommendations!