The Vampire Diaries Recap: Elena Loses It! Plus, Is Tyler a [Spoiler]?!

Vampire Diaries Joseph Morgan Ian SomerhalderThursday night’s The Vampire Diaries saw two characters lose it, mentally, while another might be on the verge of losing his girlfriend. As for that darn hunter and his invisible tattoos, he’s got a connection to more than just Jeremy. Read on for the episode’s biggest surprises.

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LOSING CONTROL | Matt continues to let Elena feed on him, meeting up in their old make-out spot for a quick bite. But it’s not just bloodlust she has to control. Her rage against Rebekah, who’s mercilessly taunting her, reaches the point where Elena even grabs a white oak stake to finish off the Original vamp for good. (Side note: Isn’t our heroine getting good at cleaning off blood in the bathroom? Granted, there isn’t nearly as much this week after Rebekah throws back the pencil Elena hurled at her, stabbing her in the shoulder, as there was during last Thursday’s vomitfest.) Stefan is able to calm her, but things take a turn for the worse when Connor’s werewolf venom gets into her system and she starts to see visions of Damon. “A part of you knows you’re a lot more like me than him,” hallucinatory Damon tells her when she asks why she’s thinking of him.

As for the real Damon, he’s made hunting down Connor the last item on his to-do list before he leaves town. Meredith – and the entire viewing audience – isn’t buying that he’ll actually go. And it’s a good thing, too, because when Elena goes a little crazy with her Matt dinner, it’s Damon who stops her and reassures her he’ll teach her how to be a vampire the right way.

CONNOR EARNS HIS KEEP | Two important pieces of information about the hunter: 1) His tattoo can only be seen by hunters or potential hunters – is a Gilbert vs. Gilbert war in the making? – and 2) He’s part of The Five, but he has no idea what that is. Lucky for him, Klaus does. Now that he’s of value to the Original, he whisks Connor to safety just as Damon’s rigged explosion goes off. After discovering the hunter’s origins, Klaus decides has use for Elena now, too, and gives her some of his blood to heal her of the venom.

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Vampire Diaries Claire HoltWILL YOU BE MY FRIEND? | Rebekah, suffering from werewolf venom – Matt told Connor she was the vampire who fed on him – and an acute case of no friends, tries to make amends with Matt one last time. “The reason you don’t find love is because you don’t deserve it,” he replies right before she rips out his heart! Calm down, it’s just a hallucination, but a very telling one. Possibly turning a corner, Rebekah offers to help April investigate her father’s death. Has she finally found her first friend in Mystic Falls?

LIAR, LIAR, PANTS ON FIRE? | Tyler gets two unexpected visitors this week: Klaus, who brings bodyguards to protect his hybrid, and Hayley (The Secret Circle‘s Phoebe Tonkin), a friend who helped him break his sire bond. But is she something more? Tyler strategically keeps her and Caroline from meeting. “In a moment of weakness, the thick sexual tension became something much more real,” Klaus suggests, and Tyler doesn’t deny it. Do you think he cheated, or does he just not want to talk about it with Klaus, even if it’s to say nothing happened? And does this maybe-tryst fall under the “We were on a break”/”We were cursed” category? Meanwhile, the lovely Caroline and Stefan friendship comes back into play as she agrees to help the younger Salvatore, who wants to be able to enjoy being a vamp with Elena without losing himself and becoming The Ripper again. She tells him he can call her any time, and she’ll pull him back from the edge. It’s also nice to some of their banter back (Caroline to Stefan: “You should write a book, go on The View.”)

Vampire Diaries fans, what did you think of “The Rager”? What do you think happened between Tyler and Hayley? Is Damon teaching Elena a good idea? And are you glad to see Caroline and Stefan being friends again? Hit the comments with your thoughts!