Scandal Recap: Beware the Five-Headed Beast

This week on ABC’s Scandal, a political hot potato made for one pair of strange bedfellows while (again) tearing asunder another. Meanwhile, David’s investigation into the Cytron case roused quite the five-headed beast.

MOM’S THE WORD | The Case of the Week involves the disappearance of Jenny, a sweet-seeming co-ed… who actually was a blogger who anonymously bedded and blabbed about D.C. power players. Evidence points to a Kurkistan diplomat as having played a role in Jenny’s eventual death, but the White House won’t/can’t budge on revoking the guy’s immunity. Olivia goes to the White House in person to grease the wheel, only get a big fat no to her face, from POTUS himself. Questioning her futile visit, he coldly wonders, “Did you think you were going to awaken my conscience? Make me see the errors of my ways? Well, I’m awake.” When Olivia’s idea to have Jenny’s grieving parents camp out at Lafayette Park falls short, Mellie — fresh from being puked on by a rugrat and denied “a seat at the adults’ table” by Cyrus — summons her rival: “It’d be a great if the First Lady took a stand, wouldn’t it?” After Mellie, as just a “mom,” joins the parents at their sit-in, Olivia gets invited by Cyrus for a confab at their “usual place”….

SEPARATE WAYS | Cyrus isn’t Olivia’s dinner date, however. Instead, the restaurant is swiftly cleared out as the Secret Service makes way for President Grant to join her. He says that deporting the Kurkistan creep is the best he can do, then invites her for a ride on Air Force One (not a metaphor). No taker. “You hate me for falling in love with you?” he asks. Liv counters, “Where can this go? Other than me joining you in the Mile-High Club on Air Force One, what is our future here?” “Fine, I’ll let you go,” Fitz says, adding that he’ll drop the ethics investigation of her ex, Senator Davis. “We’ll go our separate ways… I have to be responsible… right?” After he leaves, Liv breaks down sobbing.

WHISKEY A NO-NO | Seeing that justice will not be served, Jenny’s parents storm off, but not before Huck warns the dad, “Don’t do it.” And before dad can sneak out of his hotel to do anything, the news reports that the Kurkistan dude got popped by someone else. Cut to Huck at his addicts meeting, admitting to the room that he just “had lots of whiskey” (his code word for, you know, worse behavior), “and now that I’ve seen that person again, I don’t know if I can ever go back.” Huck’s gal pal from the group holds his hand.

BOMB, DROPPED | David and Abby are having, like, Grey’s Anatomy amounts of sex when he privately takes a call from Alyssa, and it becomes evident that he’s using Abby to get dirt on Olivia — yet his lover never talks shop. Later, when Abby gets blown off, she obliges herself to a look-see at David’s apartment and sees The Wall. David meanwhile takes a meeting with Big Oil mouthpiece Hollis Doyle, asking why Quinn Perkins’ ill-fated ex-boyfriend, who was blown up along with several other Cytron staffers, was ringing Doyle Energy’s security chief the week before he died. Doyle says a subpoena will get Rosen whatever he needs. After Olivia gives Abs the big chill, screaming that everyone else has “moved on” from the Quinn sitch, Abby shows up in David’s shower to ask if “this is something” between them or just sex/him using her. He says it is something, and they pore over his clues. As David reports that he was wrong to focus on just Quinn or Olivia, that it goes much bigger to Hollis Doyle level, we see Doyle quite covertly gather with cancer-battling Supreme Court Justice Verna, Cyrus, Mellie and… Olivia. (What, Flattop couldn’t make it?)

What did you think of this week’s Scandal-ous behavior? Seeing as, Harrison reminded us, Olivia does bad things for the right reasons, what could possibly have been the “right” reason for covering up — and perhaps being involved in — the Cytron bombing? Personally, while I appreciate the endeavor to give the Quinn Perkins mystery legs, I need this ever-bigger conspiracy to come back to earth and soon.

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