Grey's Anatomy Recap: Let's Talk About Sex

Shonda Rhimes promised to bring sexy back to Grey’s Anatomy in Season 9 — and the proof was in this week’s nooky-drenched episode.

The hour opened with no less than three couples — Derek/Meredith, April/Jackson and Cristina/Parker — engaged in marathon rounds of naked Twister.

And those folks that weren’t partaking in actual lovemaking were thinking about it (I’m looking at you Richard and Catherine).

But the Kevin McKidd-directed outing wasn’t all sex and no substance. Here’s a quickie (tee-hee) rundown of the episode’s major developments…

* Cristina is horrified to learn that she’s been unwittingly helping her Mayo Clinic boss/”sex friend” Parker force her Mayo Clinic bestie Dr. Thomas into early retirement. He argues that the walking “historical landmark” (as Cristina so affectionately refers to him) is a malpractice suit waiting to happen — something he believes Cristina will be able to testify to after months of shadowing him. In an effort to save the lovable grump from getting axed, she basically dares him to break out of his archaic comfort zone and try a newfangled surgical approach — a risky gambit that (thankfully) pays off when he passes the test with flying colors. Later, Cristina nixes Parker’s booty call and instead goes out for a drink with Dr. Thomas. (Love these two!)

* Former super-surgeon Derek is settling into his new role as lecturer (even bonding with Gaius Charles’ new intern) while living vicariously through Mer (who was initially hesitant to tell him about an exciting case she got to work on).

* A dazed and depressed Owen confides to Derek that he doesn’t think Cristina will ever return to Seattle Grace.

* Jackson, who can’t take his hands off secret lover April, confronts Richard about the affair he’s having with his mother Catherine (the returning Debbie Allen). Basically, he doesn’t like it. Not one bit. Webber’s response? Deal with it, kiddo.

* Arizona brings her 2012 Post-Amputation Pity tour to Seattle Grace to (reluctantly) get fitted for a prosthetic leg. After spending much of the hour snapping at her protestician (Ethan Embry) and refusing to even make eye contact with (much less walk on) her faux limb, she eventually takes her first steps — an event that’s witnessed Karev. The still guilt-ridden cad tells her that her expertise is sorely needed back in pediatrics. She tells him she’s trying. He tells her to stop being such a monster to Callie. She listens! At the end of the hour, Ari invites Callie — who’s been crashing at Mark’s place in the evenings — to watch an episode of American Bake-Off with her. I, meanwhile, invite the TV industry to greenlight that show. (That was quick!)

What did you think of “I Saw Her Standing There” (aka Season 9, Episode 4)? Relieved that ice-cold Arizona is beginning to thaw? Do you love the influence Dr, Thomas is having on Cristina? Are you happy to see Der and Mer… happy? Hit the comments!