New Spoiler Alert!: Debating Polarizing Twists on Good Wife, Revenge, Scandal and More!

The presidential debates are over, but the Spoiler Alert! debates are just getting underway!

This week, Matt Mitovich and I welcome back Community cut-up Yvette Nicole Brown to dicker over the Good Wife “spinoff” that nobody wanted, look at Revenge’s big flip-flop from a “cultural perspective,” and settle on what kind of a show Homeland REALLY is. (Hint: It’s not a romcom… but close.)

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Brown also teases what we can expect of Community’s “Halloween at Valentine’s Day” episode and cops to — at least where Scandal’s adulterous lovers are concerned — pulling a Romney.

So go ahead and press PLAY below to take it all in, then vote for our most out-there observation in the comments. While you do that, I’m going to go be amazed that somehow Spoiler Alert! has taken to offering “cultural perspectives” on things. Who knew?

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