Sex-Rated Video: New Girl's Max Greenfield Details Schmidt's S&M Tryst With [Spoiler]

Max Greenfield Michael AusielloWarning: The following video Q&A with New Girl‘s Max Greenfield is completely and utterly full of Schmidt.

To be slightly more specific, the interview contains some NSFW scoop on the upcoming S&M-tinged romance between Greenfield’s caddish alter ego and his corporate boss Emma (played by Carla “Perfection” Gugino).

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“It’s a reverse 50 Shades of Grey,” the 2012 Emmy nominee explains of the arc, which kicks off on Nov. 13. “She totally hits on me in a very aggressive way and I am little on the fence about whether to pursue it or not. And [then] she presents me with a sex contract.”

For a sneak peek at one of the clauses in said agreement, as well as fresh intel on a possible Schmidt-Cece reunion, press PLAY below. Oh, and quick FYI: New Girl returns with an all-new episode this Tuesday at 9/8c.

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