Glee Sneak Peek: Glee Project Champ Blake Jenner Arrives, Mercedes and Mike Return!

If you’ve suddenly got chills (and they’re multiplyin’) perhaps it’s got something to do with the kids of McKinley High School tackling Grease for their annual school production.

Indeed, in these preview photos from “The Role You Were Born to Play” — Episode 5 of Glee‘s current fourth season, airing Nov. 8 (9/8c, Fox) — a number of New Directions stalwarts are seen auditioning for the feel-good musical — including newcomer Ryder Lynn (The Glee Project‘s Season 2 champ Blake Jenner), who appears to be discovering his musical side with a little help from McKinley grad Finn Hudson!

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Interestingly enough, it also looks as though Finn will be joined by fellow alumni Mercedes and Mike, along with old pal Artie, in judging the Grease tryouts. (Is the lack of a Tina sighting a sign that things are still a little awkward in post-breakup Tike-ville?) Meanwhile, Emma gets advice from Beiste (welcome back, Dot Marie Jones!), and Blaine dares to wear chartreuse denim!

Check out the photos below, then hit the comments and express your annnn-tici…..pation for Glee‘s return!

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