Last Resort and 666 Park Get Additional Script Orders; Mindy Project's Season Extended

Two freshman ABC dramas received votes of confidence on Friday, while one brand-new Fox hit just became a bigger one.

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Both Last Resort, which this Thursday inched up 6 percent after two weeks of slippage, and 666 Park Avenue, which has dipped each week since its debut, have received orders for two additional scripts. While that is well shy of receiving a full-season (or “back 9”) pick-up, it at the very least serves as an indicator that a network has faith enough to see where a new show might be headed.

In fact, Last Resort cocreator Shawn Ryan tweeted earlier this evening that next week’s episode of the military/island drama is his and partner Karl Gajdusek’s “favorite since the pilot.”

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Fox’s The Mindy Project, meanwhile, already received a full-season order earlier this month– but that freshman run is now bigger. Fox has ordered two additional episodes, bringing the good doc’s first cycle to 24 episodes.

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