Mockingbird Lane Exclusive First Look: New Munsters Family Portrait Hints at Major Spoiler

Our latest Mockingbird Lane sneak peek comes with a challenge: There’s something not quite right about the following never-before-seen cast shot from NBC’s upcoming Munsters update… but what is it?

Give up? Okay, take a close look at Eddie Izzard’s Grandpa. Doesn’t it appear as if he shaved about three decades off his life compared to all of the previously-released artwork for the project? (Hint: Yes, yes it does.)

VIDEO | Mockingbird Lane — Watch the Trailer!

What’s his beauty secret? A Mockingbird source tells TVLine that there’s a twist at the end of the hourlong special (airing next Friday at 8/7c) that triggers Gramps’ youthful transformation.

Think you know what it is? Hit the comments with your theories!

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