New Spoiler Alert!: Gossip Girl Going Out With a Whimper? Plus: Scoop on Dead, New Girl, Asylum

You could tune in to this week’s edition of Spoiler Alert! to catch Matt Mitovich’s review of American Horror Story: Asylum. Or you could watch to find out why, if you ask me, this final season of Gossip Girl is “running on fumes.” Or you could check it out to catch Megan Masters’ interviews with the Grimes clan from The Walking Dead, or to join in Matt and my discussion of the show’s “new version of zombie.”

But who are we kidding?

The real reason you’re going to press PLAY below is to see how startlingly off-topic my Q&A with New Girl‘s Max Greenfield goes before he finally previews Rob Riggle’s Thanksgiving-episode guest gig as Schmidt’s cousin, aka “the wild, savage Schmidt.”

Go ahead — do it. We both know you want to. Then hit the comments with, you know, your comments.