Jeffrey DeMunn Previews Chicago Fire Gig, Reveals Why He Doesn't Watch Walking Dead

It seems like Walking Dead alum Jeffrey DeMunn was always destined to get the, ahem, axe. Though the AMC hit just made an amputee of Hershel, he notes that, “in the comic book, it was [my character] Dale” who lost a leg.

But he’ll finally face the, um, chopping block in tonight’s episode of NBC’s Chicago Fire, which has the guest star playing a construction worker trapped beneath a collapsed building and forced to choose between life and, quite literally, limb.

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“I thought the script was pretty well-written,” he tells TVLine. “And when I see a well-written script, I say sure.” Besides, it wasn’t hard for him to find common ground with his Chicago counterpart. In fact, it was the same common ground that he found with Dale. “He adores his wife. Dale’s wife, he lost, but he adored her. And this guy adored his wife. And happily, I adore my wife, so it worked out fine.

“I like playing a character,” he adds, “who has that honest-to-goodness passion for somebody.”

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Though DeMunn admits that dying on Dead “wasn’t fun,” as far as he could tell, it was even less so for his former castmates, many of whom had to stand around and watch as his beloved alter ego was disemboweled by a stray walker last season. “They had to sort of see it,” notes the actor, who reteamed with ex-Dead showrunner Frank Darabont on the TNT pilot L.A. Noir. “It was hard on Chandler [Riggs, who plays Carl]. I just had to lie there and do my thing.”

Since being killed off, DeMunn hasn’t tuned in to the show. Of course, he hadn’t tuned in before, either. “We don’t have a TV,” explains the Woodstock, NY, resident (at least when not working). “We’ve lived here going on 13 years. First week we moved in there a [satellite] dish and everything. All I needed to do was make a phone call. But I didn’t get to it. And then it stayed that way.”