What to Watch Wednesday: FX's Asylum Opens, Suburgatory's Back, a Criminal Surprise and More

On TV this Wednesday: American Horror Story: Asylum gets its scary start, Suburgatory returns for Season 2, there’s a lot of questions being asked in Nashville and Supernatural‘s Jensen Ackles steps behind the camera. As a supplement to TVLine’s original features (linked within), here are nine programs to watch for tonight.

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8 pm The Middle (ABC) | Brooke Shields returns as the Hecks’ neighbor Rita, who accuses Frankie of stealing her hose; Brick learns about the birds and the bees.

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9 pm Criminal Minds (CBS) | When one Kansas family turns up dead and another goes missing, BAU tries to figure out who if not Elphaba is behind it all. Also, Beth gives Hotch some surprising news.

9 pm Supernatural (The CW) | Jensen Ackles directs tonight’s episode, which shows us Sam and Amelia’s relationship from a different angle and deals with the murders of several organ recipients. Ackles’ real-life dad, Alan Ackles, guest-stars as Detective Pike. (Get a sneak peek!)

9 pm Ghost Hunters (Syfy) | The Rialto Square Theater in Joliet, Ill., and its mysterious Lady in White get the TAPS treatment.

9 pm Nova (PBS) | “Forensics on Trial” shows the difference between the flashy, cool forensics shown on series like Bones and CSI and the not-as-hot reality: Forensics in the U.S. is in a state of crisis, and the science’s shaky state is having a huge impact on the criminal-justice system.

9:30 pm Suburgatory (ABC) | Season 2 premiere: Tessa’s home after spending the summer with her grandmother, and George isn’t psyched about her renewed interest in her mom. Meanwhile, Noah and Dallas compete for Carmen. (Read our full fall preview.)

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10 pm American Horror Story: Asylum (FX) | Season premiere: Ryan Murphy’s horror-filled franchise returns for its retooled sophomore run, which takes place in the 1960s at Briarcliff, an East Coast insane asylum in the 1960s that’s home to a serial killer dubbed Bloody Face. New cast members include The Voice‘s Adam Levine, Big Love‘s Chloe Sevigny and FlashForward‘s Joseph Fiennes. (Check our preview/guide to the new characters.)

10 pm Chicago Fire (NBC) | Severide tries to deal with his guilt about what happened to Darden.

10 pm Nashville (ABC) | Teddy’s mayoral campaign puts Rayna and the fam through an investigation that reveals big secrets; Scarlett can’t decide what’s more important: her dream, or her commitment to Avery.

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Which of the above is must-see for you? Also, hit Comments to offer your own tune-in suggestions.