Exclusive Office Sneak Peek: Jim's Latest Prank Convinces Dwight He's Infertile!

A paranoid Dwight Schrute is a truly hilarious Dwight Schrute — a fact that The Office‘s Jim Halpert knows all too well and uses to his advantage in this exclusive clip from this Thursday’s installment (NBC, 9/8c) of the long-running comedy.

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In the episode titled “Work Bus,” Jim makes it his mission to convince Dwight that the Dunder Mifflin building — which just so happens to be owned by the latter — is riddled with unsafe electromagnetic fields. Pam’s other half even goes so far as to make the beet farmer believe that he’s likely suffering some side effects of EMF exposure, including headaches and — gasp! — infertility.

Press PLAY below to watch the prank unfold, and then hit the comments with your thoughts!