Exclusive 30 Rock First Look: Jack Takes the 'Walk of Shame,' Still Looks Spiffy as Ever

The Jack Donaghy “Walk of Shame” differs slightly from those of us regular folk. For starters, 30 Rock‘s alpha male always seems to be coming from a night of sexcapades with a notable name (in this case, it’s the Sbarro’s pizza chain heiress). He also still looks like a million bucks in his day-old duds — as is the case in our exclusive first look from this Thursday’s episode (NBC, 8/7c).

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Press PLAY to watch Alec Baldwin‘s alter ego relate his dalliances with bestie Liz Lemon (who dubs such morning-after sojourns the “Stride of Pride”), and then hit the comments with your thoughts on the not-so-scandalous life of Jackie D.