Walking Dead Video: The Season 3 'Time Bomb' That Could Change Everything!

After coaxing an entire season’s overview out of the cast and producers of The Walking Dead at their premiere party in L.A. last week, TVLine’s Meg Masters did exactly what you would want her to: She demanded more, more, more!

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So, in this clip, she gets them to spill the beans about what’s in store for each individual character. Rick, Lori, Michonne, Andrea, even the “late” Merle… she gets the skinny on pretty much everybody who’ll appear in Season 3 (premiering Sunday at 9 pm/ET on AMC) straight from the mouths of their portrayers.

What’s more, one actor — press PLAY below to find out who — blabs about the impact a certain “time bomb” is having on our survivors, and it hasn’t even exploded yet!