Did Revenge and Good Wife Ping Your Gaydar? Is Parenthood Keeping Too Quiet? And More Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Homeland, Gossip Girl, Parenthood and The Vampire Diaries.

1 | Can we get a politically savvy, well-spoken primetime actress to hold her own on Bill Maher? Oh, wait — it’s been handled.

2 | Maybe 2036 hindsight is 20/20, but did none of the Fringe team foresee the problem of aiming a laser that close to the camcorder? Since the tape played pretty much fine, seemed like an excuse to evoke Lost‘s jittery orientation film.

3 | To what address can we send Daniel Craig sympathy cards for him getting saddled with that Saturday Night Live material? And cool as it was to see the real Big Bird show up on Weekend Update, couldn’t the show’s writers have whipped up sGood Wife Maura Tierney Julianna Marguliesome punch lines that were a little sharper than those tired tweet/Twitter zingers?

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4 | Did you make the same incorrect inference that Good Wife Alicia did, that Maddie Hayward was coming on to her? Speaking of…

5 | Did you initially think that rich kid Trey was hitting on Revenge‘s Declan? (Are you still kinda convinced that he was?) And did it seem like Emily spent most of Week 2 driving around in her car?

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6 | If Homeland‘s Brody had another couple of seconds, should he have added a :-O emoticon to his mayday text?

7 | Did Bob’s Burgers‘ Halloween episode sway you to hand out full-sized candy bars at Halloween, thus securing your status as the coolest adult on your block?

Gossip Girl 8 | Is unmasking Gossip Girl really as big a media coup as the show makes it out to be? Does anyone outside of Blair, Serena, Nate and their fellow cronies even care who she is? Also, to Nate: Should you really keep your top-secret story plastered on the wall where anyone can see it?

9 | Did the non-surprise of Maggie’s death on Revolution make you wish the news that the actress was being downgraded from series regular hadn’t come out all the way back in May? And if the power went out, why were those dogs acting like they’d been watching Cujo every day for years?

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10 | If The Voice avoided its endless “Here’s who the judges picked for their teams” recaps, don’t you think they could’ve found time to show more than 10 seconds of the Battle Rounds won by Rudy Parris and Celica Westbrook? And is the significant screentime deficit for those two singers a not-so-subtle signal that they won’t survive the Knockout Round?

11 | Did you catch The New Normal‘s nod to fellow NBC sitcom Animal Practice (regarding the only acting, already committed monkey in Hollywood)?

12 | Did you find it refreshing that Mindy Project curmudgeon Danny had crazy dance floor skills — and wasn’t afraid to show them off?

Parenthood Peter Krause Monica Potter13 | While beautifully acted and scored, are Parenthood‘s silent scenes starting to feel like a cheat? On the flip side, can we just hand Monica Potter and Peter Krause some Emmys?

14 | We love us some Susanna Thompson, but could Arrow‘s momma have given off any more of an “I’m Operating On My Own Secret (and Probably Nefarious) Agenda” vibe? And did Oliver go to Takeda’s Revenge School, too? The list, the duplicity, the action, the outsmarting… He’s a male Emily Thorne!

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15 | Did you recognize Kevin Tran’s mom on Supernatural as Ross’ ex Julie on Friends? (Yes, it really has been that long since Friends. Also, we’re old.)

16 | Can Modern Family please spin off The Cam & Pam Show? And what was your favorite Phil’s-Osophy gem? (We really liked, “When life gives you lemonade, make lemons. Life will be all like, ‘What?!'”)

17 | Should The X Factor consider renaming the Judges’ Houses stage of the competition, calling it the “Let’s Take a Dance Track and Rework It Into a Plaintive Piano Ballad” round? Also, did Simon Cowell really think he wouldn’t create widespread outrage by never showing us what happened to audition-round standout Panda Ross?

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18 | Wasn’t it quite visually clever and emotionally resonant the way Elena remembered her compelled-away memories on The Vampire Diaries?

19 | We know he’s brilliant dramatically, but after this week’s 30 Rock, we must ask: Should Bryan Cranston move back to comedy after Breaking Bad?

20 | Can Vice Presidential Debate moderator extraordinaire Martha Raddatz please helm the final two presidential debates? We enjoyed how she, like, asked follow-ups and, you know, questioned things.

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!