Is Beauty and the Beast More Than Skin Deep?

Beauty and the Beat PremiereThe CW’s Beauty and the Beast made its debut Thursday night — but was it the reboot of the ’80s cult hit that you were hoping for? Or was the titular creature more beauty-ful than a show with this title had any right to be?

We’re eager to hear your thoughts on the procedural, but first, a brief refresher: Beauty stars Kristin Kreuk as Catherine Chandler, a New York City detective who fell into the gig after years ago witnessing the murder of her mother. She believes she was saved from her own demise that very night by some kind of man-imal, though she’s never been able to fully trust that memory… until now.

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Enter Vincent (Jay Ryan), a former Army doctor who was reportedly killed while serving overseas. In actuality, he’s in hiding after a military experiment gone wrong left him an unpredictable man-beast — when enraged, at least.

Having accidentally come across the “beast” during a routine investigation, Cat learns that Vincent — with whom she shares an intense attraction — was the one who rescued her the night of her mom’s death, and has since been working as a vigilante of sorts right under her nose.

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