Last Resort First Look Video: COB Is Free -- But Can He Be Trusted?

Master Chief Prosser gets himself sprung from the island’s makeshift brig on this week’s episode of ABC’s Last Resort (airing Thursday at 8/7c) — but can COB abide by the rules of his release?

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COB’s been in the clink ever since trying to subvert Captain Chaplin’s appropriation of the Sainte Marina NATO station at the close of the series premiere. Marcus agrees this week to let him go provided he makes no further attempts to sabotage the Colorado or its crew. But as seen in this first look clip, taking COB at his word is easier said than done for some on the crew. Watch video, then scroll down for more.

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Elsewhere in this Thursday’s episode of ABC’s most watched and highest-rated new drama, Marcus’ search for three missing crew members (remember the end of the pilot?) leads him to Mayor Serrat’s compound, while a clandestine meeting between Kylie and Admiral Shepard confirms that the order to fire on Pakistan did in fact get sent through a back channel. But why?