Exclusive 30 Rock First Look: Bryan Cranston and Catherine O'Hara Come to Town!

Walter White he is not!

Bryan Cranston drops in on 30 Rock this Thursday (NBC, 8/7c), and his latest alter ego — Kenneth’s mom’s “friend” Ron — couldn’t differ more from Breaking Bad‘s aforementioned anti-hero.

The following exclusive first look finds “Kenny” bringing good ol’ ma (played by comedy vet Catherine O’Hara) to the TGS set, and, much to his dismay, Cranston’s country bumpkin tags along. Unfortunately for the beloved page, both of his guests are horribly embarrassing when in the presence of “stars” — even ones as delightfully dim as Jenna Maroney.

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Press PLAY below for a glimpse at the hilariously awkward encounter involving Cranston, O’Hara and Jack McBrayer’s doofy characters, and then hit the comments with your thoughts!