Which Grey's Star Killed You? Did Supernatural Hurt Cas? Best Family Reunion? And More Qs!

Fringe Anna TorvWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Revenge, The Good Wife, Supernatural and The X Factor.

1 | Which was last week’s more emotional reunion between a mother and daughter separated by only a few years in age: Fringe‘s Olivia/Etta or Once Upon a Time‘s Snow White/Emma?

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2 | Will TVLine’s New York City staff ever look at Lady Liberty the same again, Doctor Who?

3 | Did you sound off yet on who Michael Raymond James’ Mystery Man is on Once Upon a Time? And did the show blow its entire Season 2 special effects budget on the premiere?

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4 | We never thought for a second that Victoria Grayson was dead, but didn’t Revenge kind of drop the ball by having the delectable bitchmonster merely open the cabin door when Emily came knocking? Shouldn’t Queen V have rated a grand, gasp-worthy entrance to Season 2 instead? And is it wrong that we’re hoping it’s Declan’s arm in the flash-forward? On the flip side, who’s on board with Nolan and his new haircut? And if the White Haired Man knows Emily is really David Clarke’s daughter, why did he refer to her as “Emily” when talking with Victoria at the cabin? Also, Ashley and Conrad are totally doing it, aren’t they?

5 | Is The Good Wife‘s Kalinda-Nick plot operating in its own little world? Almost like CBS did a spin-off and forgot to, you know, spin them off? And now, the dog trainer: Is there anyone Kalinda doesn’t “click” with?

6 | Does anyone have a paper bag for Dexter‘s Debra? We understand that finding out your brother is a serial killer is enough to take your breath away, but the season premiere’s frequent, loud use of the sound of her respiration made us want to toss her an inhaler.

7 | Did you find yourself freakishly rooting for Brody to successfully score information about potential terror targets from Estes’ safe on the season premiere of Homeland?

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8 | How New York-familiar did you have to be for many of The Simpsons‘ season-premiere jokes (Shakespeare in the Park, the Naked Cowboy, the Highline) to resonate?

9 | It was kind of unsettling to see Bob’s Burgers‘ Louise without her bunny ears for an entire episode, wasn’t it?

10 | Did Victoria and Quinn’s pretty seamless integration into the How I Met Mother Your Mother gang prove that the show needs to introduce the mom before the series finale, so that we — and Ted’s friends — can spend some time with her?

11 | God help us, are we starting to find 2 Broke Girls‘ Oleg/Sophie romance a bit… gulp… charming? And let’s give the show props for confronting the cupcake ATM trend head-on, since it is a marketplace shift that Max should think about.

12 | Now that Revolution‘s Charlie has blown up that bridge, how will the 2nd Mass get across the river and escape the Mechs? What? Also: Do they digitally insert visible airborne pollen into every one of Danny’s scenes? Seems kinda cruel.

13 | Who else audibly yelped when, for a brief instant, it appeared that Castle‘s Lanie had caught onto Kate’s full secret?

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Hart of Dixie 14 | How did Lemon go from Hart of Dixie‘s weak spot to one of the most delightful parts of the season premiere, especially in her “kidnapping” of Zoe?

15 | Maybe this was established in the pilot, but… The Mindy Project is set in New York City? Or at least some jarringly bright, sunny and clean version of it?

16 | Whose adorable wardrobe do you covet most: New Girl‘s Jess or Ben and Kate‘s titular single mom?

17 | Does Jax telling Nero that he “untwisted his mother thing a long time ago” on Sons of Anarchy rank as the week’s single best line of dialogue? Almost makes us forgive the show for turning the shockingly pliable Tara into Gemma’s psycho henchwoman.

18 | As much as we like the idea of “the steal” during The Voice‘s upcoming battle rounds, are you dismayed at the prospect of trying to keep track of 64 individual acts this far into the competition? Also, did the judges fail to turn around for French teacher Kameron Corvet because maybe they thought he was an Idol-demographic-leaning “white guy with guitar”?

19 | How much fun was General Hospital‘s big Kate-is-really-Connie-again reveal? Sonny and Kate’s incredibly watchable (derailed) wedding forwarded story, gave us character insight and was sharply funny. Our favorite exchange came when Spinelli tried to explain Kate’s dissociative identity disorder to his date, Ellie, who admitted that she’d learned about the illness from daytime TV. “It is a surprising font of information,” he agreed.

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20 | Are you getting the feeling that Supernatural‘s Dean and Benny did something to Cas in purgatory?

21 | Did we ever get confirmation on what that black dot was at the center of the American flag pin Mitt Romney wore at the debate?

22 | With Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj respectively extending their feud via The View and Twitter, isn’t it looking more and more likely that one of ’em will exit American Idol before the Season 12 live rounds begin in February or March? And honestly, given how Simon Cowelldreary Idol gets when it’s got four judges yapping — and cutting into the time allotted for contestants singing — would whittling back to a three-person rotation really be such a bad thing?

23 | Simon Cowell had to have lost a bet to be wearing that white shirt with the absurdly plunging neckline during The X Factor confessionals, yes? And where the hell was Panda Ross during Boot Camp rounds? Or, more accurately, why didn’t producers bother to show us how she did?

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24 | Doesn’t The Big Bang Theory‘s Simon Helberg perpetually look like he’s about to hurl in Howard’s anti-gravity scenes?

Grey's Anatomy25 | Which Grey’s Anatomy performance wrecked you more this week: Jessica Capshaw’s or Sandra Oh’s? Speaking of the latter, did Cristina really need to share with us that detail about Lexie’s fate? But the most shocking revelation to come out of this week’s episode? Dr. Webber’s never seen Lost!

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26 | Did Scandal‘s latest bombshell about the Quinn mystery give you a tiny little Traveler vibe?

27 | Forget The Farm! The Office should spinoff new pals Pam and Nellie into their own buddy comedy, right?

28 | Is 30 Rock‘s penchant for dreaming up utterly horrific NBC shows what we’ll miss most after this season ends? That said, we’d totally watch Homonym.

29 | Hey, Elementary — next time you send Holmes and Watson riding around Manhattan, maybe improve the quality of the green screen? We half expected Siobhan and Bridget to whiz by in their speed boat.

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!