New Spoiler Alert!: A Glee Reveal, a Big Bang Hook-Up, an Anarchy Death - Plus: Michael Urie!

After all the break-ups on Glee, you might be relieved to see my co-host, Matt Mitovich, and I still sharing office space and gossip in this week’s Spoiler Alert!

Even if you aren’t relieved, you should still watch this week’s installment, during which we not only give credit where it’s due — the “Break-Up” episode was a crusher! — we tease the big reveal that’s coming up for Kurt and Blaine.

And that’s just for starters.

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We also get the skinny on the new love affair that’s got the producers of The Big Bang Theory all hot and bothered, nitpick Sons of Anarchy‘s funeral to death, consider the role that’s tailor-made for “a scarier Roseanne Barr,” and get Partners’ Michael Urie to spill the beans about the show’s plans for a Mennonite Thanksgiving.

All this, plus a pair of socks that you only wish you owned, is just a click away.