Cougar Town Exclusive First Look: New TBS Promos Reveal What All the 'Buzz' Is About!

Apparently, when Cougar Town relocates to TBS on Tuesday, January 8, it won’t just be launching its fourth season, it’ll also be launching two new drinking games.

Oops, I said “new.”

You’ll understand why that’s important after you see the first of two new promos below.

VIDEO | Cougar Town Debuts Scoopy Music Video!

Anyway, press PLAY below to reacquaint yourselves with the wine-soaked cul-de-sac crew and perhaps raise a toast along with them to the TV gods that saved the quirktacular sitcom from extinction.

Oh, and be sure to get your friends who haven’t yet sampled the show to check out the second promo — it tells them everything they need to know to start watching.

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