Scandal Sneak Peeks: Quinn -- Sorry, 'Quinn' -- Wants Answers, and [Spoiler] Wants a Baby

She who is known on Scandal as Quinn Perkins has escaped prosecution if not death row, so end of story, right? Not by a stretch.

As the ABC drama continues Season 2 this Thursday at 10/9c, Quinn fka Lindsay Dwyer will have plenty of questions herself, including but not limited to: Why was this identity switch forced upon me?

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In the first video clip below, you’ll hear Olivia’s response to Quinn’s plea for answers — not that the White Hat is about to divulge exactly how much she knows about what happened to Lindsay after a bomb blew up her beau and six coworkers.

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The second clip below, meanwhile, features a bit of baby talk from one of the other characters — including a curious allusion to when “I [took] care of you”…?

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