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Ben and Kate: Are These Siblings Your Speed?

Ben and Kate Premiere RecapIf sitcom siblings with ridiculously cute kids are your cup of tea, you’re in luck: Fox’s Ben and Kate has officially arrived. But are you ready to join this family on a weekly basis?

We’re eager to hear your thoughts on the quirky new comedy, but first, a brief refresher: Based loosely on the life of creator Dana Fox, Ben and Kate centers on a brother and sister (Nat Faxon and Dakota Johnson, respectively), who, after sticking close together during their childhood, have grown to live vastly different lives.

Johnson’s young, single mom (who’s been graced with the standout kid of the Fall 2012 TV season in Maggie Elizabeth Jones) is uptight and needs some youthful fun in her life, while Faxon’s free-wheeling doof is craving some stability in his. The solution? Ben opting to move in to act as nanny to his niece and to help his sis live a little. Echo Kellum and Lucy Punch also co-star in the series as the sibs’ off-beat — and laugh-inducing — best pals.

What say you, TVLiners? Hit the poll below to let us know what grade you give Ben and Kate, then back up your pick in the comments!

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