Video: Breaking Bad’s Jonathan Banks and Bob Odenkirk Talk Season 5 Death: ‘You Feel Terrible’

The escalating darkness of Breaking Bad’s Season 5 isn’t lost on anyone familiar with the show – especially not those creating it.

And don’t expect things to lighten up when the AMC drama returns next year. Bob Odenkirk, who plays Bad’s ethically slippery lawyer Saul, told TVLine’s Michael Ausiello on the red carpet at Sunday’s Primetime Emmy Awards that [Spoiler alert!] Mike’s murder at Walt’s hands was a harbinger of just how nuts the show is about to get.

Mr. Ehrmantraut “was the only guy living in reality,” the actor added, while Jonathan Banks – the now-departed Mike – looked on, bemused. “He knew what was going on, and he was right.”

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Press PLAY on the video below to watch the Bad guys discuss how the AMC drama’s ability to make “you feel terrible” is what makes it great. (Plus, Bank uses the phrase “numbnuts” and mock threatens Odenkirk with a well-placed elbow; it’s quite a thing to see.)

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