Video: Big Bang Cast Teases New Romances, Love Triangles - Plus: Disturbing Sex Scoop!

When Howard returns from his space mission this season on The Big Bang Theory, he’s going to encounter a few surprises waiting for him on Earth.

Among them: His BFF Raj has settled into a new bromance, and his mother is dating her dentist! And to make matters more complicated, his new bride Bernadette — tired of living under the same roof as Mrs. Wolowitz — wants out of their current digs.

What does it all mean? And where is it headed? Team Theory hit the red carpet at Sunday’s Emmy extravaganza and lightly spoiled Season 6 (premiering this Thursday at 8/7). And make sure you stick around until the very end to get Kaley Curoco’s hilariously explosive reaction to Leonard’s alleged new love interest.