Video: Connie Britton Talks Friday Night Lights Movie 'Start Date,' Sings Nashville's Praises

Connie Britton is one cool gal — and in this video, she reveals exactly how she beats the heat of a sun-baked Emmys red carpet.

After TV’s erstwhile Mrs. Coach “passes along” her secret to me, she reflects on the good fortune that brought her this year’s Emmy nod, for American Horror Story. She then marvels at all the hard work that goes into making her new ABC series Nashville — aka one of the fall’s very best new dramas — so, so “awesome.” (But will she sing a li’l something for us? Press PLAY and see.)

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Then, before our talk heads into overtime, Britton jokingly coughs up a date for when production on the Friday Night Lights movie might start. We’re pretty sure she was kidding, but we’re grabbing a pen and calendar and circling the date just in case!

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