What to Watch Wednesday: Survivor Returns, Big Brother’s Live Finale, a Royal Finish and More

On TV this Wednesday: Sunburn and backbiting and torrential rains, oh my! Survivor makes camp in the Philippines, Royal Pains takes one more patient before closing up shop for a spell, a Repeat to Revisit reveals that the Modern Family is growing; and what will you do with the three nights a week you’ll no longer have to keep tabs on Big Brother? Here are nine programs to look out for tonight.

8 pm Survivor: Philippines (CBS) | Season 25 premiere: Facts of Life’s Lisa Whelchel, aka the OB (Original Blair), joins a former San Francisco Giants star, players medically evacuated from previous seasons and a bunch of others to compete for $1 million.

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9 pm Modern Family (ABC) | In tonight’s first Repeat to Revisit, it turns out that Gloria’s keeping a secret, which we find out as she plays translator at the birth of Cam and Mitchell’s possible (?) new child.

9 pm Restaurant: Impossible (Food Network) | We’re sure Michele and Andy, proprietors of Michele’s in Corry, Pa., had the best of intentions when they bought their restaurant at auction. On a whim. Despite having no experience whatsoever. Thank goodness for Chef Robert’s tough-love rescue!

9 pm Royal Pains (USA) | Summer finale: Hank’s weekend plans are shot after he treats an amateur beach volleyball player who may be suffering from something worse than a summer bug; Divya discovers shocking info about her new man — and confronts him with it.

9 pm Law & Order: SVU (NBC) | Repeat to Revisit No. 2: An out-of-control party, a dead governor and one heck of a surprise for Capt. Cragen make for an eventful finale to the procedural’s Season 13.

9 pm Toy Hunter (Travel) |One, two, Jordan’s coming for you….” The titular host gets his claws on a Freddy Krueger statue while searching through the grown-up toy boxes of Mississippi.

9:30 Big Brother (CBS) | Live season finale: The final few Houseguests will be questioned by the jury before a winner emerges and takes home the $500,000 grand prize.

9:30 Suburgatory (ABC) | Tonight’s final Repeat to Revisit aka the ABC comedy’s freshman finale celebrates Mother’s Day with Jill and Noah throwing an endangered species-themed baby shower for Eden, Yalkult speaking in Whoopi Goldberg’s voice and Lisa finding out the truth about her suspected adoption.

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10 pm Top Chef Masters (Bravo) | Drop the spatula! Put down the pastry bag! In the penultimate hour, the chefs will be completely hands-off as they guide culinary students through making a dish.

Which of the above is must-see for you? Also, hit Comments to offer your own tune-in suggestions.