Soaps Shocker: General Hospital Brings Back Sean Kanan, But As Who? Dead A.J.? NuJason?

SSean Kanan General Hospitalean Kanan, who began his soaps career playing the definitive A.J. Quartermaine — though Meg Masters and I apparently will agree to disagree on that — is en route back to General Hospital.

But to play… who, exactly?

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TV Guide Magazine‘s Michael Logan, who first reported the news of Kanan’s quite unexpected Port Charles homecoming, says the actor’s long-term arc will kick off on Oct. 29, though no details are being revealed about his character. After all, Quartermaine clan black sheep A.J., played by Billy Warlock at the time, was murdered in April 2005.

But, being a soap, I’m obligated to lob out this: “Or was he?!”

Kanan took over the role of GH‘s A.J. (from Gerald Hopkins) in February 1993, and played the hapless rich kid/unapologetic alcoholic until June 1997. During that stretch, he was around for A.J.’s first hook-up with Carly, which was as random as it was scorching (skip to the 5-minute mark).

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Since parting ways with GH, Kanan has appeared on soaps such as Sunset Beach (as Jude), The Bold and the Beautiful (Deacon) and, until earlier this year, The Young and the Restless (still Deacon).

Prior to his daytime TV career, Kanan got positively owned by the Karate Kid.

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