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Exclusive HIMYM Clip: Ted and Victoria's Happy Ending Interrupted By... the Ghost of Stella?

Ted and Victoria’s escape plan hits a speed bump in How I Met Your Mother‘s eighth season premiere (Sept. 24 at 8/7c on CBS) when the runaway bride makes a troubling confession: she failed to leave her jilted husband-to-be, Klaus, a Dear John letter.

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“When you leave someone at the altar you always leave a note — it’s common courtesy,” Ted harrumphs to Victoria in the following exclusive clip from next Monday’s opener. “When Stella left me at the altar at least I got an explanation. That note is what keeps you sane. You read it. You re-read it. You memorize it. You sleep with it. You sniff it because it still kinda smells like her.”

If it sounds like T-Dog still harbors some resentment towards Stella, just wait until you find out what became of his ex’s fateful farewell missive. Actually, no need to wait — just press PLAY below!

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