Bones Season Premiere Recap: Flower Power

Bones Season 8 PremiereWARNING: If you have yet to watch Monday’s season premiere of Bones, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, you may proceed…

Pelant, you sly, little bastard.

When Bones returned Monday night for Season 8, Brennan was still on the run with baby Christine – who’s already saying, “Dada”! – after
being framed for murder by the computer wizard. But the Jeffersonian team had some tricks up its sleeves, too.

Despite being on the lam, the forensic anthropologist was secretly communicating with Angela via flowers, and the latter wasn’t spilling to the desk-bound Booth — or even her hubby — about how she and her best pal were keeping in touch. This, of course, did not make the FBI agent happy, but he got what he wanted when Cam ordered Clark to send him an email about a case involving Brennan and Pelant.

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Cleverly using his old gambling addiction as a cover, Booth told everyone he was going to Atlantic City while he chased a lead straight into his significant other’s arms. Their first meeting in three months proved a little tussle can be foreplay as Brennan busted into Booth’s hotel room, prompting him to pounce on what he thought was a blonde stranger. Then he attacked her in a completely different way, leading to what it’s all about for fans: the long-awaited reunion make-out session — well, that and Booth cooing and awwing over Christine. (When in doubt, just put a grown man and a cute baby in a scene together. But how come that kid looks nothing like either one of them? Is she wearing a blonde wig, too?)

Meanwhile, Pelant caught wind of Angela and Brennan’s code and showed up at the cemetery where Hodgins was delivering a floral message. The normally gentle scientist unleashed his ferocious side, nearly choking the tormentor to death, until he realized that’s exactly what the hacker wanted: Brennan would never be able to come home if Hodgins offed him. This led Sweets to come up with a theory about Pelant’s three different sides, which was symbolized by the coded triangle. (We’re no shrinks, so we’re just going to nod and pretend we get it.) That, in turn, allowed Angela – lets just take this logic leap together – to finally decipher how Pelant had superimposed Brennan into the security-cam footage.

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With her name cleared and Pelant locked up for his guidance counselor’s murder, Brennan returned to her normal life and her old hair color. But a moment of hanky panky on the washing machine was short-lived: The cyber hacker had managed to create a whole new identity for himself as a citizen of Egypt and was being extradited. At least Bones got one last slap in as he handed her a marigold for “pain and grief.” But shortly after he was escorted away, Agent Flynn stayed behind, picked the flower out the trash and stared at it a few seconds too long. Twist ending?!

Bones fans, weigh in with your grade for the season premiere below and then hit the comments with your thoughts! Are you pissed at Pelant for breaking up Booth and Brennan’s happy times? (Were they almost too giddy? Booth did seem awfully cool about her running away, didn’t he?) Were you shocked by Hodgins’ angry side? And what is Flynn’s involvement in all of this? Sound off!