What to Watch Sunday: Weeds Goes Up in Smoke, Boardwalk Premiere, Leverage Finale and More

On TV this Sunday: Weeds brings its eight-season run to a close, Nate’s team tries to get Leverage in a pair of season-ending cases, Boardwalk Empire brews up a swill-filled new drama and ABC offers a consolidated lesson in Revenge. Here are nine programs to keep on your radar tonight.

8 pm Good Luck Charlie (Disney Channel) | Somebody’s gotta babysit Toby and Charlie, but who will it be? In related news: Uh, has anyone seen Charlie…?

8 pm Revenge (ABC) | If you missed out on Season 1’s soapy goodness, here’s a crash course to catch you up. Get out a red Sharpie (you’ll understand that later) and mark tonight’s three episodes on your schedule: The pilot at 8 pm, “Chaos” (the episode that fleshes out the pilot’s flashbacks) at 9 pm and “Reckoning” (the explosive season finale) at 10 pm.

8 pm Survivorman’s Top Ten (Discovery) | Les Stroud looks back on a decade of survival in the planet’s harshest conditions and wonders – as we frequently do – how the heck did he survive it all?

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9 pm Boardwalk Empire (HBO) | Season 3 premiere: Nucky’s New Year’s resolution rankles gangster Gyp Rosetti (new series regular Bobby Cannavale), Margaret displeases her hubby by wanting to beef up the hospital’s Thompson endowment, Gillian builds a new business and Al Capone is hot and bothered in Chicago. To get in the mood, pour yourself some bathtub gin and check out these photos of what’s ahead.

9 pm Masterpiece Mystery! (PBS) | In Wallander Series III: The Dogs of Riga, the appearance of two corpses on a life raft eventually leads Inspector Kurt Wallander (played by Kenneth Branagh) to the Latvian capital, where post-Soviet crime and corruption make it difficult – and dangerous — to trust anyone.

9 pm Hell on Wheels (AMC) | Durant has to save the railroad while fighting for his life, while Cullen puts his efforts into saving an old friend.

9 pm Leverage (TNT) | The caper series’ double-episode summer finale – which star Aldis Hodge calls “one of the best episodes we’ve had” — starts when Eliot, Hardison, Parker and Col. Vance race to stop a terrorist from launching a biological attack on Washington, D.C. Then, at 10 pm, Nate has to use everything he’s got to prove Sophie didn’t steal a valuable painting. (Psst, pin it on Neal Caffrey.)

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10 pm Weeds (Showtime) | One-hour series finale: Hang out one last time with the Botwins as eight seasons go up in a cloud of fragrant smoke. Details about the hour are being guarded like a premium stash, but we know that Natasha Lyonne will play a character named Tiffani, Guillermo Diaz is still in play as Nancy’s foe Guillermo Garcia Gomez and series creator Jenji Kohan described the episode as “a trip down memory lane… lined with all of our characters from the past.”

10 pm Copper (BBC America) | When an 1860s version of the Occupy Wall Street movement plans to rob the wealthy, Corcoran has to work overtime to make sure everyone at an upscale gala stays safe.

Which of the above is must-see for you? Also, hit Comments to offer your own tune-in suggestions.