Fall TV Preview

Walking Dead Video: The Ricktator Is Unleashed! A Bloody Prison Melee! Michone! The Governor!

We must have been in a zombie state on Friday, because this sick, splattery and predictably intense new promo for The Walking Dead Season 3 hit the interwebs, and it’s too fun not to share.

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To tide you over during these final four weeks until the AMC hit returns, this teaser finds Rick telling the others that they must hit the road… that will lead them to a walker-ridden prison… even as exhausted as they are. But as wife Lori tells the de facto dictator, “Do whatever you’ve got to do to keep this group safe.”

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Amid myriad head thwacks and hacks, you’ll spy new glimpses of the katana-wielding Michonne (played by Danai Gurira) and get a look at the Governor (David Morrisey) who lords over Woodbury, the mild-mannered town Andrea now calls home.