A Parenthood Coming Out? Who Is Dressing Xtina? TV's Best 'What If' Episode? And More Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including The New Normal, Parenthood, The X Factor and Glee!

1 | Does Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta ever feature brides older than 23? Is there some kind of age limit on this show that we don’t know about?

2 | Shouldn’t/couldn’t ABC have given Sunday’s Once Upon a Time marathon — or at least the encores of the pilot or finale — a “pop-up video” treatment a la Lost?

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3 | Did Drop Dead Diva‘s finale twist — the real Jane gets transported into Owen’s body — jump the shark?

4 | Have you found yourself sucked into TLC’s surprisingly fascinating Breaking Amish?

5 | Did you want to go make-up-free after watching the ladies of The Talk bare their natural selves on Monday’s show? Julie Chen just needed a ponytail and she could have passed herself off as a college student!

6 | Switched at Birth‘s Simone is in AA?! Did you see that one coming?

7 | How did you think the Church of Dianetics faked Connor’s blood test on The L.A. Complex? Bribe? Inside man?

8 | For the love of sloppily exposed cleavage, who is Christina Aguilera’s stylist on The Voice, and what has the pop tart done to incur this person’s wrath? Moving on to another coach: If this whole country music thing doesn’t work out, wouldn’t Blake Shelton make an incredible sitcom star in the vein of Reba McEntire?

9 | Are you worried that NBC’s The New Normal might be moving a little too quickly? It’s great to keep things hopping, but in this week’s episode, Goldie and Shania moved in and out of the guest house in a matter of minutes! (At this pace, the baby will be applying to college before the end of Season 1.) And shouldn’t Nana pace herself, lest she run out of crude epithets to lob at the boys and Rocky?

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Go On10 | It’s early yet, sure, but couldn’t Go On afford to lose the creepy bearded group member? Is he there to be anything but creepy, and bearded?

11 | Is Parenthood‘s imminent Amy/Drew breakup setting the stage for Drew’s long-overdue coming out arc? Also, how many Kleenexes did you burn through watching the airport scene at the end? Lastly, the beautiful family portrait that the Bravermans posed for — why again is that photo not available on NBC’s press site? Did no one think to actually capture it with a real camera?

12 | Wasn’t Covert Affairs double agent Lena’s bid to finish off Annie a bit clumsy? Whatever happened to a discreet, simple injection of something into the IV line?

13 | Wasn’t it refreshing to see White Collar‘s Peter epically screw up for once, condemning Neal for doing something he never actually said he wouldn’t do?

14 | Couldn’t Katie Couric, who’s interviewed all the big names over the years, find anyone buzzier than Jessica Simpson and Sheryl Crow to launch Katie? On the plus side, wasn’t it a nice surprise to see her onetime Today cohost Matt Lauer be a good sport in the premiere’s cold open?

15 | Didn’t General Hospital‘s location scenes look great this week? Timeslot move, schlimeshot move — the soap is kicking tail.

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16 | How in the world did So You Think You Can Dance‘s Eliana not light herself on fire with the friction she must’ve amassed during those gravity-defying spins at the end of her number with Tiffany? (We hope you had some Aquaphor in the dressing room, honey.) Also, was Nigel Lythgoe’s jarring, oddly timed “I can’t vote for you” speech to Cyrus A) a cynical way to activate the untrained animator’s voting base, B) a response to critics who’ve claimed the judges have gone too easy on the guy all season, or C) a genuine admission that Chehon is the rightful winner on the men’s side of the competition? And when in the heck is Fox going to announce the show has been renewed for a 10th season? If they don’t, we’re all going to get together with brickbats and torches and storm their HQ, yes?

17 | Isn’t it curious that The X Factor spent so much time showing the trainwreck audition from Britney Spears’ former duet partner Don Philip, yet edited out what he claims was a segment where he came out as being gay? And why does Brit’s facial expression always look confused even when she’s smiling or impressed?

Glee18 | Patty confronting her father in the Damages finale — Glenn Close’s finest four minutes of acting ever? Also, with the final extended Close-up, did anyone flash back to this?

19 | What’s the point of The Glee Project if its winners have failed to impress on the mothership show while Glee‘s new Season 4 regulars were all pretty solid in the premiere and cast via the regular methods? Meanwhile, Glee fan Linds asks: “I really didn’t mind it but seriously, at what high school are teens jumping rope?!”

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20 | Did Dmitry’s win in this week’s Project Runway challenge make up for the judges’ season-long snubs, or are you still carrying residual resentment for the way he’s been minimized up to this point in the competition?

Buffy21 | Awkward‘s fun “What If” episode has us wondering: What’s your favorite alt-universe episode of a TV show? Can anything top Buffy’s “The Wish”?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!