LOL Video: Regis Wants New Girl's Schmidt Dead

Perhaps not entirely coincidentally pegged to Michael Strahan replacing him on Live! With Kelly, Regis Philbin has resurfaced in a New Girl-themed Funny or Die video that shows the little guy still has it — and by it, we mean the occasional Eddie Fisher reference at the ready.

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The set-up: Reege has boarded, unsolicited, the New Girl writing team for Season 2, and his first order of business is to kill off Max Greenfield’s fan-fave character of Schmidt. Philbin, though, also has other ideas for the show — “even” including storylines for Winston, he proclaims. But mainly, he wants Schmidt snuffed. Pronto.

Press PLAY below to see how the Fox comedy’s cast reacts to the new guy.

The New Guy on New Girl with Zooey Deschanel from ZooeyDeschanel