Fall TV Preview

5 Bones Video Sneak Peeks: Booth and Brennan Get Horizontal, Chillin' With the Villain and More

Bones fans, you’ve hit the Season 8 motherlode. We’ve got Booth, we’ve got Brennan and we’ve got Booth-on-Brennan makeout action. What more do you need?

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In five – five! – new clips from next week’s season premiere, we see the Jeffersonian gang in action. First up, an on-the-lam Brennan and Christine take a moment to look at some family photos before Grandpa Max ushers them to their next location.

Then, “desk jockey” Booth is less than helpful at the FBI.

In the third, Booth rattles big bad Pellant’s cage by showing up on his territory.

Next, Brennan proves that she’s always thinking about her team by leaving them an incredibly helpful (and time-consuming to prepare!) clue.

And finally, the kiss you’ve been waiting for – though it starts out a little rough!

Press PLAY on the videos and then hit the comments with your predictions for the upcoming season, which bows next Monday at 8/7c.

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