Could Grimm Learn from Buffy? Was GH Cruel? Which Bad Agenda Shocked You? And More Qs!

Breaking Bad Aaron PaulWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Doctor Who, Breaking Bad, Covert Affairs and General Hospital!

1 | Is too late to give America’s Next Top Model another makeover and bring back the Jays and Nigel? And while we’re at it, how about getting rid of the pointless viewer vote?

2 | Would any Doctor Who fans have been curious to hear Oswin flirt with Rory using her robotic Dalek voice?

3 | What surprised you more about Breaking Bad‘s midseason finale: that Walt wasn’t planning to kill Jesse during their little visit, or that Jesse was prepared to off his former partner if necessary? And have any of you viewers out there taken a long, hard look at what reading material you have lying around in the powder room?

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4 | Why were we not surprised by The Chew‘s fail fall preview special for ABC? But even so, have you ever seen such a Fall TV sneak preview show focus so much on, you know, food? Scoop! Andre Braugher likes macaroni-and-cheese! (Oh, and by the way, Last Resort airs Thursdays at 8.)

5 | In the wake of her compelling turn on A&E’s otherwise so-so Coma, isn’t it time for some smart network exec to find the right vehicle to get Lauren Ambrose back on our TV screens every week?

6 | Can Major Crimes recast Rusty with Michael Weatherly?

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Grimm7 | Wouldn’t Grimm‘s creatures look better as makeup-and-hair monsters à la Buffy instead of CGI creations?

8 | What’s your excuse for not watching The L.A. Complex, aka The CW’s best soap during any time of the year?

9 | On Switched at Birth, did Emmett’s wall art apology remind you of when Pacey bought Joey a wall on Dawson’s Creek?

10 | Has White Collar‘s Neal stolen more things this past season — for or despite the FBI — than he did his entire prior career as an actual thief?

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Covert Affairs Piper Perabo Sarah Clarke11 |Covert Affairs fan Mina asks: Who keeps letting Sarah Clarke into the U.S. government? We, meanwhile, want to know: Has any recent show enjoyed a creative upswing like Covert did this season? And someone is going to give Richard Coyle a new show, right?

12 | Wasn’t it a refreshing change to see So You Think You Can Dance‘s Cyrus masterfully moving himself through a routine instead of barely hanging on? Meanwhile, why didn’t SYTYCD allow viewers to vote on the Final 4 this week, and then add those totals to the votes that come in after next week’s performance finale? Isn’t it too far into the season to have a week where the routines don’t count for anything?

13 | Does everyone appreciate the irony of Simon Cowell kvetching about The Voice scheduling a night against X Factor, when Fox regularly and brazenly tinkers with American Idol‘s schedule to cripple the competition?

14 | To crib from many a Wednesday-night tweet: Was Bill Clinton’s DNC speech the best episode of Political Animals yet? And speaking of TV/DNC “crossovers,” how funny/cool/odd was it to see Olivia Pope — er, Kerry Washington — speak at the Big Show? Handled.

15 | Does the demise of Saving Hope in the States — and The Listener and Flashpoint before it — make you appreciate how special the Canadian import Rookie Blue is?

16 | The CW’s Wonder Woman: Whose job is that to lose, Secret Circle beauty Phoebe Tonkin’s, or soap stunner Nadia Bjorlin’s?

17 | Why does it seem to make all the sense in the world that Kurt Sutter is developing a comedy titled Diva. Clown. Killer.?

Steve Burton18 | Not to be a downer, but General Hospital‘s big “What if?” episode this week was a bit salt-in-the-woundish, right? Steve Burton is leaving the show soon, so we are never going to see that outcome for Jason and Sam. It almost seemed a little cruel to imagine them so happy with two healthy kids of their own.

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19 | Was the funniest part of the 2012 MTV VMAs the unflinchingly uncomfortable ads for its new scripted comedy Underemployed? Speaking of the awards show, how come host Kevin Hart quit working on his opening monologue during the brainstorming phase? There wasn’t a fully baked joke in the bunch, was there?

20 | When did Project Runway become about creating boring, semi-sheer T-shirts?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!