Exclusive Drop Dead Diva Video: Fred Reunites With a Very Unhappy Jane

Ben Feldman‘s lovable guardian angel Fred returns to Drop Dead Diva in Sunday’s Season 4 finale (Lifetime, 9/8c), and we’ve got an exclusive first look at his reunion with the original Jane!

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“Fred is back to the old desk job that he had at the beginning of the series,” previews Feldman, who scored an Emmy nod in July for his recurring role as copywriter Michael Ginsberg on Mad Men. “I don’t think he’s sad or happy. He’s just moved on.”

But even when you forge ahead, the past has a way of catching up with you. In the scene below, Fred has an unexpected meeting with the real Jane in Heaven, and she’s not too happy about the mix-up that let Deb inhabit her body.

“It’s the same two people we’ve seen for the past four years, but a different dynamic completely,” says Feldman of the confrontation.

Press PLAY to check out the sneak peek and then hit the comments with your thoughts on his long-awaited return.

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