Bones Exclusive First Look: Booth and Brennan Enjoy a Very Sexually Suggestive Reunion!

Absence makes the heart grow… friskier?

That’s one interpretation of the following exclusive first look at Bones‘ Sept. 17 return (8/7c on Fox), which finds Booth, ahem, reconnecting with an on-the-run Brennan for the first time in months.

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Of course, it’s entirely possible the image below is depicting not a passionate reunion but a heated interrogation. After all, Booth has to harbor some resentment towards Brennan for not only leaving town but taking their newborn daughter with her.

“He’ll probably be a little upset and have some questions for her,” mused David Boreanaz last month at Comic-Con. “I think deep down he understands the whole thing, but I think he’s a bit upset.”

What message are you taking away from the provocative pic?

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