CBS Lands Beverly Hills Cop Series from Eddie Murphy, Shawn Ryan: Who Will Play Axel's Son?

Beverly Hills Cop TV ShowThe original Beverly Hills Cop, Eddie Murphy, prolific producer Shawn Ryan (The Shield, Terriers) and Sony Pictures Television are developing a follow-up TV series that will revolve around Axel Foley’s son, who is also a Detroit police officer about to undergo culture shock.

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UPDATE 9/4: The BHC series has landed at CBS, which gave it a pilot order. The premise, per Vulture, finds Aaron “Son-of-Axel” Foley fighting crime in Beverly Hills while trying to escape his father’s shadow.

As first reported by Vulture, Murphy is set to reprise his big screen role intermittently, with Axel now serving as the Detroit police chief. Foley’s son, desperate to escape his dad’s shadow, relocates to Beverly Hills, where he presumably samples espresso with a little lemon tweeest and drives a crappy blue Chevy Nova, while bananas end up in tailpipes and such.

But this is where you come in: Who should play Axel Foley’s son? And which of you will be the first to not suggest Donald Glover?

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